i have a big update

he guys its been a wile i am going to have a arsenal update on youtube link to youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/kookz9?feature=mhee thats my youtube i will have a video up this week.

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post is coming

sorry guys about no new posts have one coming soon

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hey guys i got a airtech 3000 and im going to be modding it luckly it has no leaks.

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epic longshot

Ok so I was at my friends house the other day and, when I was priming my pullback longshot the pullback part broke. So I tried using pipe instead and, that broke to. So I made a epic longshot which is a, fancy singled longshot. But I just need to attach the barrel and, stock and, im done link to video below.


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I made a pullback modded longshot!

Yestrday I finished my pullback modded longshot. Modifacations: hot glue under the o-ring, cut down like a pistol, hot glued tech target pullback part to cock it that way, Added nightfinder and 2 and a 1/2 maverick spring to the stock longshot spring. Heres some pics.

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contracts and trading are open

contracts are open to do one cotact me. to contact me go to the contact section to learn how. do the same thing if you want to trade

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homemade snap

I made a snap ( which is a homemade pipe gun ). It’s like sg nerf’s sgn-r3ml snap link below.

http://nerfhaven.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20453    Sorry not to detailed thing today I will have more detailed things next post more than likeley. Kookz9 out.

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how to mod a recon

First unscrew the gun. On the back theres 2 screws unscrew those, then remove the back piece, then take off half of the shell. Then  you will see the internals.

Then remove the lock on the trigger, the clip lock, and the priming lock. To remove the priming lock, on the bottom of the  boltsled there is 2 screws remove them, and the things that fall out. Then strech the spring slightly. After that drill out the air restrictors that in the breach.Next wrap electrical tape on the breach, and under the O-ring, and on the circuler part thats shown.

Next wrap a thin piece of elecrical tape on the front of the plunger tube like shown

After that wrap electrical tape on both sides leave a little rooom on each side more than the other on a  3 3/4″ long straw keep on wrapping it in electrical tape until snug un the back of the breach hole like shown

Then hot glue in the side of the straw that has more sticking out. After that lubricate the O-ring put it back together and youre done

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spectre stuff

spectre parts are in the junkyard!!!!!!  awsome!!

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my modded titan

yestrday i finished modding my titan and it can either have a rscb clip or a 3 shot barrel or a 1 and 1/2 foot barrel i will have a detailed write up for this soon with ranges by the way i got a airtech 2000 i will be having a write up for that soon by.

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